The Beast told me this morning as she was getting dressed that she needed new pants. Her old ones were looking a little small so I thought I’d rifle through my scraps bin to see what I could rustle up in a bigger size.

Whilst I was making them I thought I would take a few pictures to show a way of making the Speedy Pants pattern by Made By Jack’s Mum even speedier. It can be a bit fiddly fitting leg bands on the smaller sizes, particularly when you’re learning, so I basically cheat!

Firstly, you’ll need some 95% cotton, 5% lycra fabric with a 4-way stretch and good recovery.

Secondly, you’ll needs the Speedy Pants pattern by Made By Jack’s Mum. You can either buy it as part of the boxer’s pattern on Etsy or join her Facebook page and sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the ‘Contact Us’ section of her website. When registered you’ll receive an email with the pattern for free.

Print and cut out the size you need according to the measurements given, we are making age 3 for my slim 3.5 year old. Follow the instructions for sewing together your main three pieces (front/back/liner) until you get this.

Stop here and don’t sew your side seams together yet. Take your leg band pieces and fold them wrong sides together along their long edge. Then take one end and clip it, right sides together and raw edges out to the end of one leg hole. Leave a little overlap of the leg band by about 5mm.

Repeat for the other end. Don’t twist the band.

Then clip the centre.

And at the two points between the centre and edge. Make sure you catch the gusset liner.

Sew the band on, slightly stretching the body of the pants to meet the length of the bands. Don’t overstretch the bands as it will ruin the look of the pants as they will go all wavy. The easiest way to do this is the stitch the bands on with the bands at the bottom and the wrong side of the main pants fabric facing up. It will help you stop overstretching the fabric. You may need to gather the fabric in your left hand a little to get round the corners.

Here’s your first band.

Repeat for the other side.

Then sew your side seams together, right sides together.

Sew your waistband on as per the original instructions and you’re done! Super speedy pants!

You can find the Made By Jack’s Mum Facebook page here:
You can find me here:

And on Instagram @theslippychickencompany


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